Competence Center Collaboration

Competence Center Collaboration

Would you like to forget about your company’s IT problems? 

The implementation of SAP R/3 systems has set many companies on a course of development where now more and more complex and sophisticated application system architectures provide the support for business processes.

We often see that the pressure caused by increasing business demands generates a situation in which a company’s IT can hardly meet the requirements, if at all. Another significant problem is that the professional level of the companies’ internal IT structure is frozen at a certain point, because they are continously forced to save costs, which obviously leaves the IT support underfunded.

The ever-widening knowledge gap and increasingly sophisticated tasks result in a frustrated IT staff that is unable to meet the internal demands of the company, and is struggling with continuous fluctuation.

Even in our personal lives we often feel the need to share some of our burden with someone else, and just concentrate on the things that we feel closest to. Although it is virtually impossible to ask someone else to carry the burden of our personal problems for us, but Competence Center collaboration in IT system management, especially in the world of SAP, should not constitute a major challenge nowadays.

What you need for it is just a professional and experienced partner such as Techwave Hungary and a well-drafted service level share agreement, and your company’s internal IT is already relieved from some of its tasks and responsibilities.
As a kind of “side product” of our Competence Center collaboration service, your company will have Techwave Hungary as an IT and competence partner who not only helps in task management but also takes care of your company’s future.

The strategic consulting inherent in this service helps you to gain long-term advantages, while you can also enjoy the assets of this partnership not only in connection with your existing applications but also those ones which are to be implemented in the future.

We mainly recommend these services to overburdened and frustrated IT managers, who find it increasingly hard to deal with their company’s internal system demands.

Help Desk Management

Help Desk Management

The various services of Techwave Hungary can be accessed through its Help Desk. Our Help Desk is structured in accordance with the widely-used ITIL recommendations. Our Help Desk processes are designed to serve the supported and operated systems at the highest level possible.

Our Help Desk services are supported from the report of a problem to its solution by an integrated SAP Solution Manager support ticket posting and registration system, with its online interface and related service records system. Our system allocate your report to a specialist whose expertise best fits your needs, and who will work on your case according to its priority.

The professional quality and safety of Techwave Hungary’s services are audited directly by SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf every other year. We successfully passed this audit for the third time last summer, thereby winning the title of SAP Hosting Partner. The high quality of our processes is also guaranteed by our ISO audit. Besides regular trainings in SAP hosting, our staff members continuously receive training in other areas to their professional and personal benefit. Several of our colleagues are qualified SAP support consultants.

The Help Desk sends a service level report at the end of each month to every client about  the fulfilled services agreed in the SLA (service level agreement).

Our Help Desk guarantees continuous availability and that the reported problems and requests get to the person best qualified to deal with them. Thanks to our multilayered help desk model our most experienced and qualified colleagues can devote their time and energy to the solution of those problems that actually require their experience and expertise.

Business Process Support

Business Process Support

New colleagues have joined the group of SAP users; they have no sense of the place, no knowledge of the system, but they still should work effectively. Is this problem familiar to you? 

Who is going to help them to solve a particular task? The key users? Well, basically yes, but these key users are very often busy, so you need external help.

And the following situation may also sound familiar: the company needs to operate new processes that did not feature before, while the SAP system is working well in other areas.

Can SAP be applied in this case, as well?

What do you have to do, what should you pay attention to when the management wants to reorganize corporate processes?

Our business process support services include the analysis of the effects of business decisions on the company’s organization, operation and IT, the preparation of proposals, the identification of necessary steps in organization and change management, and the analysis and evaluation of their implementation. Perhaps our consulting services in connection with the application and modification of processes strongly related to, but not necessitating changes in, the SAP systems may guide you through the various questions and issues.

If your company has undergone a significant change in SAP user personnel, and if the young and ambitious managers cannot yet give answers to the questions that are getting more and more complicated, then you and your company need our services.

These and and a number of other similar questions may often arise at companies.

SAP Software Support

SAP Software Support

When buying SAP R/3 software licenses, we sign a software maintenance contract with our clients, on the basis of which they are entitled to our SAP software maintenance services for a whole year in exchange for a maintenance fee payable in quarterly installments.
Frequently asked question are what exactly the client gets for this fee, and how this service can be chosen. Below we try to give short answers to these questions.

Within the framework of the maintenance service, SAP supports the continuous use of its software in the following main categories:

  • Legal follow-up (e.g. for the monthly changes in the HR module)
  • Version update
  • Maintenance packages
  • Software bugs

Within the framework of a high-level maintenance service called Enterprise Support, which is used from 1 January 2009, SAP provides the following additional support:

  • Extended follow-up time
  • Guaranteed response time in high-priority cases
  • Direct access in qualified cases
  • Quality checks
  • Training, courses

In order for the client to use these services, however, it needs to meet some requirements that SAP makes.The client must have the following capabilities in order to be able to utilize the capacities of the service. Such requirements include

  • Setting up the client’s own competence center;
  • Implementing, operating and using SAP Solution Manager (Solution Manager is a separate SAP system for the support of live systems and the contact between the client and SAP. There is no separate license fee to be paid for SM);
  • English language communication

These requirements are understandable; however, it is easy to see that if a company wants to meet them, it needs to invest a lot of money. All of those clients who want to use SAP maintenance services through Techwave Hungary will not have to count these expenses.

At the Help Desk of Techwave Hungary, we employ English-speaking staff whose members are experienced colleagues ready to help 24/7. Many of them are qualified SAP support consultants. Our SAP Solution Manager system, innovated by Techwave Hungary itself, is capable to receive calls and reports and forward them to SAP if necessary.Therefore, the software support service Techwave Hungary provides includes all the maintenance services provided by SAP, plus its own innovation and expertise.

We recommend our software support services to all those clients who have SAP licenses and wish to enjoy the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support without wanting to invest into the necessary requirements.
You can order Techwave Hungary’s software support services through the Techwave Hungary Help Desk, by making use of its tools and processes.

SAP Application Support

SAP Application Support

The fully loaded truck cannot leave the premises because “The SAP won’t print the delivery note”?
You can’t prepare the invoice for your angry and impatient customer?
The day when the new law takes effect is quickly approaching, but you don’t know how you are going to handle it in your IT system, and how you will find a specialist who can help?

Unfortunately, such occurences that hinder or endanger normal business processes may come at any time.
Still, the continuous operation of your company’s IT system, the quick solution of arising problems and issues are vital. More importantly, even a short system downtime or faulty operation may cause serious damage or loss to your business.

It is thus inevitable that you have a specialist team which is continuously available and responds quickly to problems and requests – a team which gives you the help you need and when you need it.

Techwave Hungary’s application support services (or Application Management Services – AMS), which can easily be accessed through our SAP Help Desk, provide fast and tailor-made solutions to the SAP R/3 areas of your partially or fully outsourced corporate IT, regardless whether your problems are technical or related to the support of your business processes.

Those customers who opt for these services enjoy at the same time the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support. Techwave Hungary has all the necessary tools and meets all the preconditions required by SAP, so our clients do not have to make the necessary investments (for the implementation of SAP Solution Manager, or the establishment of an English-language competence center) from their own funds.
Within the framework of application support services the following main areas of support are covered:

  • Key user support
  • Key user training
  • Incident management
  • Modification management
  • Legal follow-up
  • Business content management
  • Competence center cooperation

These services are recommended to

  • Those clients who do not want to employ their own staff for the IT operation, or key user or business support of their SAP system,
  • Those customers who would like to expand their existing professional expertise,
  • And those who would like to ensure the safety of their business IT.

Change Management

Change Management

We often hear the misguided notion that “change management” entails modifications in application system setups or developments. However, “change management” means something else. What we have just described above is what we mean by “modification management”, and deal with it within the framework of our application support services.

What is then “change management”? 

Changes in this case refer to changes taking place in the company. And change management means the management of changes that result from organizational, personnel-related and process-related decisions.

Our advisors give help to our clients in understanding, identifying and dealing with these steps by identifying the natural effects of changes both on the applied SAP systems and their users, and provide assistance in overcoming problems related to dropping productivity rates due to changes, information gaps, and temporary problems in processes. Our experience in this service area helps to avoid typical traps and resulting business losses.

If your company is facing or undergoing significant structural reorganization and applies SAP systems and/or related IT solutions, then you definitely need our help.

Training and Knowledge Management

Training and Knowledge Management

“I remember last year we had a transaction similar to this, but I have no idea what I had to do in my SAP system and how did I have to do it in order to handle the process well.” We guess this problem sounds familiar to you. 

What is the greatest asset of companies today? The answer is obvious: knowledge.

Or more precisely, that great bulk of information which is stored in the brains of the company’s specialists and in the documents generated by business processes.

Can knowledge be managed well? Can information be transferred to subsequent generations?
Our answer is: YES!

The SAP-based processes of a company can be documented well, and with the up-to-date application of these documents they can be recycled. Among the SAP components, Enterprise Portal and SAP’s e-Learning solution, the so-called Learning Solution (LSO) have crucial significance from the point of view of knowledge management. The informed and up-to-date application of these tools opens up new dimensions in today’s knowledge management. Knowing SAP-supported processes constitutes a special kind of knowledge companies may have. Our services in this area also include specialized training for key users, and if requested, end users, who learn about corporate processes and SAP handling as part of these processes during our courses.

If you have ever experienced at your company that the departure of certain colleagues caused serious troubles in the smooth handling of processes, then these services are recommended to you.


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