Application Service

Evaluation Hosting

Evaluation Hosting

Would you like to test a new SAP component or function before you decide to buy it?
Our evaluation hosting service is the most cost-effective way of testing and evaluating new SAP R/3 applications. We need only a couple of days to set up the system environment necessary for the client to start work on the evaluation project. There is no need for additional investment or internal reallocation of funds; the system can be implemented quickly and safely, and becomes accessible for the client via VPN or a rented line. The client can focus exclusively on the selection of the best software without having to deal with issues concerning infrastructure and organization.

The service includes the provision of

  • servers;
  • the hosting of servers in the data center;
  • 24/7 access to the SAP system;
  • monthly service level reports;
  • the transportation of trial configurations to their future testing environment free of charge;
  • flexible financing options for terms and charges.

Live SAP Hosting

Live SAP Hosting

Secure your SAP system!

Have you ever faced below problems regarding your SAP R/3 system?

  • Are you worried about the physical security of mission critical data servers?
  • Security and scheduling of backups are not satisfying?
  • Slowness or abrupt breakdowns of your system causes unexpected difficulties in business processes?
  • Are SAP technology changes difficult to follow by always busy internal IT staff?
  • Opening new branches, starting new business activities or an increase in production volume does require readily available, scalable IT infrastructure?
  • Do you want to avoid unexpected expenses and large investments?

Techwave Hungary’s SAP Hosting Service can take over all the troubles of your SAP operation and guarantees secure running.

What does SAP Hosting service offers to you?

IT Security

  • Datacenters with high level security located in Budapest, Hungary
  • Identification to enter
  • UPS
  • 24×7 server operation
  • Redundant data backups in different locations
  • Operation without data loss


  • Handling new claims with experience and competency
  • Fast problem solving
  • Flexible service packages according to client’s need

Professional HelpDesk

  • SAP audited technology and processes
  • ISO qualified operation
  • ITIL based support
  • Certified experts


  • Guarantees and responsibilities by contract
  • Penalty – in case of failure in fulfilment of contract

Constantly available professional help

  • Central helpdesk with constant availability
  • Professional experts are always availability
  • High quality HelpDesk with WEB access
  • Multilevel support organization

Secure operation

  • Guaranteed availability of system
  • Secure and high-end hardware environment
  • Operation by SAP standards

Predictible costs

  • No initial investment required
  • Easy to plan monthly fee
  • Cost is service fee not asset

Elements of Techwave Hungary’s SAP hosting service

Elements of HostLogic’s SAP hosting serviceAdvantages of SAP Hosting for each area of your operation

Effective internal IT
Your IT staff should not gain a deep knowledge of the operation of your new ERP system. Your IT staff should handle only those tasks they can easily and confidently handle, all other tasks can be passed to the hosting provider.
Expert knowledge
You can always count with availability of professional experts, who have a deep knowledge of the system. You don’t have to find and pay expensive consultants every time you have a problem.
Lower cost of operation
Service fee of hosting is predictable, can be easily calculated as a fix monthly fee. No need to invest in expensive new hardware, spend on extra capacity or unexpected problems and requirements, employ new experts or teach colleagues.
Stable SAP system
SAP availability should be permanent and stable, like water from the pipe. Your provider assures permanent and stable availability, no breakdowns or unavailability will cause you worries and losses in business.

Why to choose SAP Hosting service?

  • Professional – no limitation on IT skills and capacities
  • Fast – save customer time & efforts
  • Flexible in service period & scope – better support for business needs
  • Better TCO – cheaper and reasonable
  • Reliable service levels – you get what you paid for
  • Responsible provider – Operation risk managed
  • No investment – release capital
  • Easy to plan cost – transparent IT cost for business
  • Evergreen concept – better support business changes and needs
  • No problems with ERP-IT – concentrate on the core business
  • Set free liquid capital for additional investment (alternative cost)
  • Scalable – can grow with your business
  • Operating cost – cost of service, not of asset

Why to choose Techwave Hungary?

  • The only one SAP Advanced Hosting partner in the CEE region
  • Technology & Services specialized exclusively in SAP
  • Advanced level SAP Hosting certification since 2002
  • SAP application management service (AMS) provided in 9 countries
  • Data centers with highest technology and security level
  • International experience and quality for reasonable price
  • Operating 100+ central SAP servers
  • ITIL based support processes
  • International and regional Help Desk with certified SAP support consultants

All inclusive SAP hosting service to run your business smart and effective

Upgrade Hosting

Upgrade Hosting

Is there a version upgrade ahead of you? Would you like to have a quick and cost-effective solution for it? 

Within the framework of our upgrade hosting services, we satisfy the hardware needs of companies for the transition period of their SAP upgrade project, so that our clients do not need to invest into hardware that may turn out to be redundant later. In the form of a flexible service package, Techwaave Hungary also offers its clients its IT experience and expertise in change management, which covers all technological aspects in accordance with the clients’ transition plans.

Our upgrade hosting services include

  • Acquaintance with the content of the live SAP application;
  • Testing existing contents in the new environment;
  • Management of change requests;
  • Help desk service and support ticket management until the start of live operation;
  • Monthly service level reports;
  • Servers;
  • The hosting of servers in the data center;
  • 24/7 access to the SAP system;
  • The transportation of trial configurations to their future productive environment free of charge;
  • Flexible financing options for terms and charges.

Frame Hosting

Frame Hosting

SAP Frame Hosting

Your company’s internal regulations prohibit external access of the company’s internal SAP-based services? Or the company lacks adequate competencies for the setup and operation of SAP frames?

What are SAP frames?

SAP, following the swiftly changing business needs and technological changes, offers several products beside the well-known R/3 system, which may either be connected to R/3 or operated independently. Among these products you can find LSO (Learning Solution), a system for distance learning and examination, the SAP portal, the WEB-shop or even BI and CRM.

Because of the protection of business information, a lot of enterprises strictly prohibit the external access of their internal IT system. This protective prohibition is understandable or even useful; however, it makes it impossible to externally access systems of less business significance. This measure, therefore, may prevent the users of the system from scheduling their own time to log in independently from each other, maybe even in large numbers, and from whichever location they wish, and do activities that are useful for the company (for example, train, take an exam, or build their career).
Another problem may be that even though the company would want to use the innovative functions of a system, it does not have the personnel with the necessary expertise and experience to implement and operate the system, or the company simply has no resources for such an implementation.

Techwave Hungary’s SAP Frame Service is the solution to the problems described above. Within a short time, we can undertake the cost-effective implementation and operation of frames based on SAP technologies, even for a temporary period of time.

We recommend this service to those who

  • do not want to learn, just use the system;
  • wish to extend the services of their corporate IT in a cost-effective way;
  • are prevented from such implementations by strict internal regulations.


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