Catch Weight Management

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The functionality of SAP CWM promises a perfect solution for handling products in parallel quantity units. This is part of the fully integrated IT solution developed for the food industry by HostLogic Kft.

Industries where such solutions are needed: cheese production, meat processing fruit processing, fish processing, etc. The functionality of SAP CWM adds an integrated component to business processes which allows two quantity units to be used for catch weight management: a base unit (for example piece) as a logistic unit, and a parallel unit (for example kilogram) for the purpose of inventory. As the conversion factor between the base unit and the parallel unit is usually not a constant, this is handled by the SAP CWM. SAP CWM is an integrated solution for the fresh food processing industries and can support special requirements which might be of critical importance, with planning and analysis functions. The special functions allow changes in inventory to be monitored in both units throughout the whole logistic process and
industry-specific analysis to support the evaluation of logistic processes.


ERP – from management to data bank

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Ever since its foundation, the objective of Hostlogic has been to provide services which help medium sized businesses with annual revenues of HUF 3-60 billion to improve their competitiveness – says Péter Fárizs managing director.


Hostlogic has been the SAP partner with the largest number of new clients and new sales in Hungary in the past three years. At present, the majority of their clients come from the food processing and retail sector. The service provided is a form of co-operation which not only means the installation of a SAP system but also includes supporting the SAP application and operation of the IT environment. Demand for more sophisticated systems in Hungary began to emerge two years ago. 2006 saw the beginning of a change from ERP systems to SAP systems. New requirements included the segmentation of clients, client based sales and services, collection and evaluation of large amounts of data and financial planning.Summing up all the requirements, we can see that part of these can be met by CRM systems, while BI systems are adequate for others. HR management is another important area. In 2007, practically all new clients were looking for a combination of the four elements (ERP, CRM, BI, HR). “We are trying to work out solutions for the food industry which focus on food safety and monitoring” – says Péter Fárizs. Revenues of Hostlogic grew by 15 per cent last year, with 10 new clients, of which 6 are from the food sector.


Trade magazine – January 2008

15th January 2008