What does cookie mean?

When a visitor visits Techwave pages, a tiny file called “cookie” is placed on your computer, which can serve a variety of purposes.

Some “cookies” used by us are essential for the proper functioning of the site (“process cookies”), others collect information about using the site (statistics) to make the page even more comfortable and useful. Some “cookies” are temporary and disappear by closing the browser, while there are permanent versions that will remain on the computer for an extended period of time.

What purpose do we use cookies for?

  • By storing the visitor’s settings and usage habits, navigating on the site and using the site will be easier.
  • Improving user experience by gathering information about how the website is being used, which pages are visited or used by the visitor most frequently. Therefore we will know, how to provide better user experience when website is visited again
  • Collect statistics, make analysis that helps us understand how visitors use the online services next to the website, which can be further developed.
  • Further develop and fine-tune the site to suit needs of visitors.
  • Placement of targeted advertising to display the most relevant proposal for the visitor.

Types of cookies

Session cookies

These cookies are temporarily stored on your device only for your current visit and will automatically be deleted from your computer by the end of the session and by closing the browser. These are essential to navigate on our website, to the key functions of our website. This can be a reminder of the actions you make on your pages, such as the information you need to fill out on the forms. In any case, session cookies will not collect any information that you can be identified by.

Without session cookies we can not guarantee the proper functioning of the website, some parts of the site may be displayed incorrectly, or the website may become unusable.

Cookies that are providing performance (analytics)

We use Google Analytics cookies to gather information about how visitors use the site and to observe their behavior. Among other things, we can count visitors of the site, observe how much time they spend there, and what are the most popular subpages for visitors; as well as from where sources come from users. All this helps us to design development directions for the web site that can contribute to the satisfaction of our visitors and increase user experiences and provide information on whether the website meets the requirements of visitors. These cookies can not personally identify you, for example, we do not record your name and email address; the data is cumulative and anonymously stored. The IP address is only partly recorded.

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When visiting certain pages, third party cookies (such as Google AdWords Conversion Tracking) can be placed on the user’s device. They ensure the success of our campaigns. Information that allows identification is not stored in third party cookies either.

Targeting and advertising cookies

These cookies have the task of displaying important ads that are relevant to you on the web pages. Collect information about which subpage the visitor viewed within the site; where you clicked on a given sub-page, so you can conclude what topics and content you may be interested in. These cookies help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Our website uses tracking codes for Google Adwords Remarketing, so we can target visitors to the site later with personalized ads and content with relevant content in the Display Network.

Targeting and advertising cookies can not identify you, do not collect the personal information needed for identification.

Functional cookies

These cookies are designed to keep you informed about our decisions of the site, such as the contact information (name, email address, phone number, etc.); what kind of tool device you visited our site from; the region where you are staying; so we can offer you more personalized functions of our website. These cookies will track your activity only on the site you visit, not on other websites. These cookies can store personal identification information You registered on our website such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Third party cookies

We may use third-party external web services on our website. In this case we do not control the storage of cookies, we have no influence on the information that these external providers collect.

Settings a blocking cookies

Modern browsers allow “cookie settings” to be changed. Some of the browsers automatically accept “cookies” by default, but this setting can also be changed in order to prevent the visitor from automatically accepting them for the future. In the event of a changeover, the browser will always offer the choice of “cookies” each time.

We kindly request visitors to note that since the purpose of the cookies is to support and facilitate usability and processes of the website, we can not guarantee that the visitor will be able to fully use all of the features of the web site when the “cookies” are disabled. In this case, the webpage may work differently in the browser.