Would you like to test a new SAP component or function before you decide to buy it?

Our evaluation hosting service is the most cost-effective way of testing and evaluating new SAP R/3 applications. We need only a couple of days to set up the system environment necessary for the client to start work on the evaluation project. There is no need for additional investment or internal reallocation of funds; the system can be implemented quickly and safely, and becomes accessible for the client via VPN or a rented line. The client can focus exclusively on the selection of the best software without having to deal with issues concerning infrastructure and organization.

The service includes the provision of

  • servers;
  • the hosting of servers in the data center;
  • 24/7 access to the SAP system;
  • monthly service level reports;
  • the transportation of trial configurations to their future testing environment free of charge;
  • flexible financing options for terms and charges.