The basic situation of purchasing an SAP system is when the company uses its own funds to finance SAP hardware, software and expertise necessary for the implementation and operation of the system. The total cost is calculated on the basis of a number of aspects, but it definitely amounts to an initial sum of several million forints, which is then followed by a regular monthly sum. However, you can now choose from among a number of more favourable financing solutions, namely, you can finance your acquisition from EU fundsSAP Financing or you can simply rent the applications.

These financing solutions may even be combined with each other.

If you need further information on financing options, please feel free to contact our financing consultants, who are happy to help you in working out the solution that best suits your needs and possibilities.

EU funds

Today you may post-finance your IT investment and development from EU funds, which may be used to cover up to 50% of the total costs, at the amount of one to fifty million HUF, depending on the location. Applying for EU funds has special conditions which can be met by any SME with avarage running business. Our company pays special attention to help our clients to take advantage of EU funds. In fact, large percentage of new SAP implementations, and a number of SAP system enhancements were succesfully financed by EU funds in the last years. The fixed administrational costs of project writing are covered by Techwave Hungary, so applications are practically free of charge. Contact us for more details.

Credits – SAP-Financing

Credit institutions typically refuse to give credits for the purpose of buying software, since there is no material collateral behind such purchases. Thus, SAP has recently made available its service called SAP Financing in Hungary as well. This option enables the borrower to receive credit to cover the costs of system implementation without collateral and own funds for a term of up to seven years. The credit covers the costs of software and hardware, consulting, and implementation as well as other internal expenses (such as training). As normally, the lending transaction is preceded by credit rating, and the terms of credit are defined accordingly. However, in general we can state that this financing solution has become quite popular among companies.


Renting option

Renting is an option that reduces or even saves your investment, because you do not have to buy the necessary equipment and software but may rent an SAP application as if renting a service. In this case you do not need an initial capital of several million forints to start using the application; after a short period of negotiation and introduction, the company is provided with the software and all the necessary components – including expertise – in exchange for a regular monthly fee.

Renting option


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