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The success of the company in 2011 is hallmarked by two SAP partner awards and a turnover of over HUF 1.5 billion.

Budapest, 16 April 2012 – The turnover of HostLogic Ltd.has risen above HUF 1.5 billion again since the economic crisis, which may be explained by the upswing in the field of IT investments and the efficiency-oriented strategy of the company. Apart from the financial results, the two SAP awards that were awarded by SAP Hungary Kft to HostLogic meant important feedback to the company.

In the past year the Hungarian and international clients of HostLogic Ltd. expanded with mainly export oriented and manufacturing companies. Due to this expansion and the continuous growth of services provided for our long-term clients not only the level of the turnover but its structure moved to the positive direction.

The performance of HostLogic Ltd. has been appreciated both by SAP Hungary Ltd. and our clients. Based on the results reached last year, HostLogic Ltd. received in March 2012 the award for the best partner in the SAP Business All-in-One category, and based on its turnover it was ranked first among partner companies offering SAP Business One solutions.


“Our results show that the applied structural changes and technological investments have been successful and the efficacy indicators of our business have returned to the levels before the economic crisis,” said Zoltán Görbics, the managing director of HostLogic Ltd. and added, that “We are really glad to be able to sign long-term contracts in our international advisory business line again.” The company offers special advisory activity not only in Europe, but like in 2011, it conducts remote project duties in Singapore or in the United States of America this year as well.

Trends in the market

“We experience that successful companies are more likely to spend on IT even in times of ecnomic recession, however, companies affected by the crisis held back their developments for 1-2 years. Last year even this segment thought that it was worth investing into the area of IT.” said Attila Molnár, the business unit manager of HostLogic Ltd. and stressed that they had been working with numerous clients who, instead of overall big projects, focused on the development of the IT background of distinct functions – like controlling.
Like in the past years, 2011 was the year of optimising costs. According to the experience of HostLogic Ltd. manufacturing is a highlighted process in the businesses of companies, where significant savings may be realized. This is particularly true for the food industry, where due to the perishable ingredients being up-to-date and on-time tracking is even more important.

Continuously developing hosting services

In the past two years HostLogic initiated its most significant investments in the field of hosting, resulting in the rise of service quality, and due to the faster implementation it can serve upcoming market demands in a stagnant market. Concerning the management of storage capacity, HostLogic has become one of the biggest IBM partners in Hungary. The virtual server technology (for example cloud computing) makes it possible to meet almost every demand in the market in an extremely short period of time not only in Hungary, but in almost every country of the region, which is justified by the gradual expansion of hosting clients from Turkey.
The services of the company are used by Hungarian SME-s, regional and international companies, multinational companies because they offer top-end quality standard technologies on a compatible price.

Plans for the future

Investment remains a key element in the business strategy of HostLogic, which on the one hand aims technological innovation, and on the other the expansion of the services. Apart from strengthening its SME positions in Hungary and expanding international SAP services, HostLogic Ltd. still finds its small company abilities important both in the domestic and regional markets. As small companies are also present beside the big and medium sized companies in industries and company groups, HostLogic intends to “speak” all the three languages to offer standardized IT solutions.

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