Dear Visitor!

Hereby we would like to inform you about a Brand Change of HostLogic comes into effect as of 1st  December 2018.

As a result of this Brand Change we will have the following changes from 1st December 2018:

1. Change of Company name:

Official Company Name in Hungarian:

Techwave Hungary Zrt.

Official Company Name in English:

Techwave Hungary Ltd.

Please, make sure your Finance Department (AP) will be prepared to receive and handle our invoice with the name of Techwave Hungary Ltd. instead of HostLogic Ltd., according to the same process for allowance and payment as before the change with no delay.

THIS CHANGE WILL NOT HAVE EFFECT on the ownership of our Company, as only the name of the company will change.  There is no change in our TAX registration number and there is no change in our Company Registration Number. This change has no effect on our Contract with your Company, as there is not any legal change in the Contracted Party.

2. Change of e-mail addresses:

There will be a change of e-mail addresses, all e-mail addresses will change from  … to …

Please, make sure you will change your settings for your communication to the new e-mail addresses. All the old e-mail addresses will be temporarily redirected to the new e-mail addresses.

3. Change of our website domain:

Our website will be available at:

The old web domain will be temporarily redirected to the new web domain.

4. Change of our logo

Our new logo will be the logo of Techwave Group as follows:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. In case you have any questions regarding the changes, please