Techwave Hungary Ltd. has developed its complete Smart Public Solution based on the best practices of national and international public administration institutions. It can be implemented quickly and acquired in a flexible financial construction. Due to its modular structure, it can be parameterized, scaled and customized, and it can be easily linked to other systems.

Techwave Hungary’s Smart Enterprise for Public Solution offers public sector organizations and state owned companies an SAP based solution that is easy to learn, supports integrated processes, and simplifies service-oriented administration. It provides all the information required for planning and decision-making.

Techwave Hungary’s Smart Enterprise for Public makes comprehensive, institution-wide process integration possible in a cost-effective way. It also enables management to gain a controlling perspective, makes it possible to provide data report quickly and directly, and ensures the continuous and up-to-date monitoring of available budgetary resources.

Our staff are continuously monitoring open EU funds for IT developments. On request, Techwave Hungary provides expert help in writing a successful tender. Contact us  to learn about open founds and eligibility information.

Our solution contains the following functions specific to the state administration

ERP Financials

  • Simultaneous support of tasks of General business management and Budgetary operation
  • Institutes can be fully integrated into the central system with electronic data exchange
  • Mapping institutional economy in cashflow approach
  • Management of approved, modified targets, monitoring achievement of targets
  • Funds management, commitments management, special tasks management
  • Budget planning
  • Commitments and budgets management
  • Institutional budget reports and reconciliation
  • Tax and Revenue management
  • Real Estate management
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date tangible assets records
  • Customer and vendor invoice management
  • Outstandings management
  • Support of reports to be supplied to treasury

ERP Logistics / Sales

  • Contract management
  • Bidding management
  • Service sales process management
  • Integrated purchase and sales processes


  • Recording public service data
  • Civil servants classification and pay determination on the basis of legal relationship data
  • Determination of public service leave quotas
  • Data supply to the Ministry of Interior
  • Recording public service data
  • Public service classification and pay determination on the basis of legal relationship data
  • Determination of public service leave quotas


  • Citizens management
  • Case management
  • Monitor opportunities by simplified revenues calculation
  • Supports, projects – monitor and administrate the evaluation process

B2B & A2A Interfaces

Synchronization of operative and budgetary general ledgers


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