Client Solution Roll-out

Client Solution Roll-out

A happy time for a successful company when its expansion becomes inevitable – the process of expansion, however, also brings new challenges for the whole organization, including, of course, its IT department.

SAP systems are absolutely capable of following the growth of a company, be it in the form of acquiring new businesses or expanding to foreign territories.
Widening the scope of a company’s business software, or in other words, effecting a roll-out, is a really complex task, since the harmonization of different corporate cultures has to be done with the utmost efficiency. Our specialists and project managers use their wide range of experience and expertise to bring such roll-outs to success.

Our client solution roll-out service covers the following functions:

  • Translating documents, individual SAP updates and reports
  • Workshops with the developers of special applications to be implemented
  • Customizing the system according to Hungarian parameters
  • Participating in program and functional testing
  • User training
  • Facilitating the communication between the IT department of the mother company, its external SAP consultants and the Hungarian key users
  • Assisting the allocation of access rights
  • Data migration
  • Supporting live start-up (help desk, troubleshooting, additional training, monitoring)

Why is it best to choose Techwave Hungary’s roll-out service?

In the past few years we have brought the roll-out projects of many Hungarian and international companies to success. As a result, we have a wide range of experience, which guarantees the quick, safe and effective completion of roll-outs. Within the framework of a separate contract, we can provide continuous Hungarian HelpDesk support to the key users of the system once the roll-out itself has been competed.

Application Upgrade

Application Upgrade

When can you upgrade your SAP system, when is it necessary, and when is it advisable?

All the three of these questions are valid and important in our world of dynamically developing application systems. Many corporations struggle because their implemented system is not able to follow the development of the company, as new business challenges require new abilities and software solutions.

With our application upgrade service we not only assist our clients in decision-making concerning upgrades but we also guide them through the very often dark woods of system upgrade by helping them choose the best and most effective method. Upon request, we suggest and implement a cost-effective technical upgrade, a more complex functional upgrade which brings significant changes to the existing system, or, if necessary, a complete system upgrade combined with Business Process Reengineering.

Within the framework of our upgrade services, we also offer to provide the environment indispensable for the upgrade in a so-called hosted form for the time of system transition. As a result, a significant amount of costs can be saved.

Our upgrade services are applicable in the case of every SAP component, so they are recommended to all companies using SAP R/3. For those clients who require Techwave Hungary’s SAP component capabilities in a hosted form, we provide the technical upgrade free of charge, according to special contractual terms and conditions.

Application Consolidation

Application Consolidation

In many cases we experience that older SAP systems contain add-ons and solutions which are a far cry from SAP and non-SAP standards.

Those systems that contain unreasonable and unprofessional modofications can hardly be upgraded, if at all, which makes further system development impossible. This significantly reduces the future usability of the application, which may eventually risk the success of the business.

Application consolidation ensures that the use and operation of SAP systems returns to the standards, which makes it possible to integrate new functionalities and processes for the support of the company’s operation.

Consolidation can affect various system levels, and can range from organizational mapping through the disabling of so-called standard (built-in) modifications to the migration of the content to a reinstalled system.

We are happy to provide our services to those companies which put a great emphasis on information technologies based on standard solution, and are flexible enough in their operation to adapt their processes to the possibilities of the system.

Naturally, even if a company displays the attitude just described above, there may still be a situation where application consolidation is indispensable, as the company may have changed significantly since the time of system implementation. Our application consolidation service is recommended to those clients who would like to establish an adequate start-up status before running a large-scale system development program.

Solution Management

Solution Management

Who have not met that kind of business manager who formulated his strategic or tactical initiatives regardless of all sorts of limiations, while expecting everyone to do everything in support of his ideas?

As a result, we have seen many “improvisations” which completely neglect the possibilities lying in SAP components and up-to-date information technologies, and which, even if unwittingly, become barriers to further developments and modifications.

In order to satisfy the business needs of our clients, we design solutions that span over SAP systems, matching the requirements and the possibilities. We prepare analyses on the applicability of alternative solutions we have worked out in theory, which help decision-makers to evaluate those aspects that are most important from the point of view of the business. Besides planning, we offer to carry out the implementation of the best solutions, and if requested, we also take care of the continuous development of these solutions with regard to changing technological backgrounds and evolving business contexts.

Are you looking for a professional partner to help you meet the challenges posed by the requirements of your dynamically developing business? Techwave Hungary gives you the chance to apply up-to-date knowledge in the development of your more significant application solutions. Let’s think and act together!


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