Techwave Hungary's SAP-NAV Online Invoice framework solution

Techwave Hungary have developed its own solution for the compliance with the Hungarian law effecive from July 1, 2018. The SAP-NAV Online Invoice framework solution is available for every SAP* user companies for a one time fee.

*supported SAP versions: 4.6; 4.7; 5.0; 6.0-6.18; S4HANA

Since the solution will be part of the user’s SAP system, communicating directly to NAV servers through an interface – which is part of the developed system – therefore users need not pay any fee that would relate to any communication or cloud environment.

SAP-NAV Online Invoice framework functional diagram

SAP-NAV Online Invoice framework functional diagram

Functional parts of SAP-NAV Online Invoice framework

  • According to NAV XML specification it associates the existing fields in the system with the mandatory content for the following applications:
    – SD billing
    – MM self-invoicing
    – FI Certificates (only preparation for individual development)
    – Other documents (only preparation for individual development)

XML creator

  • Generates the XML structure for the sending interface according to the NAV specifications


  • A program for sending and receiving the SAP system and NAV
  • NAV specification protocol
  • For versions under SAP 6.0, it communicates with the external XML sender program
  • Automatically performs the necessary communication
  • Interprets and logs the results of NAV Online Invoice communication

Monitoring program

  • Identification of the „to be sent” documents, with two options:
    – Monitoring program performs it regularly as a running job
    – Performs enhancement when saving documents (SD invoices only)
  • Starts submitting an invoice
  • Starts a NAV invoice check status query
  • The program can be modified with user exit
  • Automatic e-mail sending option in case of an error

External XML  sender

  • NAV connection management program for SAP versions under SAP 6.0
  • It works in both Windows and Linux environments

Implementing special requirements:

  • The purchased product can be modified by the developers of the user company, or
  • Techwave Hungary T&M consulting and developers are available

Implementation can be done solely by the user’s own resources or with the help of Techwave Hungary consulting.

For more information about technical specification and price quote, please

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