Registration Policy

Privacy Policy and Registration number

1. Data Manager’s name: HostLogic Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató Ltd. (referred to as HostLogic).

2. Data Manager’s address: H-1134 Budapest, Váci út 45., office building Átrium Park, building “A”.

3. Data Manager’s contact data: phone: (+36 1) 237-1730, fax: (+36 1) 350-4113, e-mail:

4. Data management registration ID: 

5. Description of data management: data management is performed on the basis of voluntary, aware and definitive approval and/or registration of beneficiaries (referred to as Beneficiary or Beneficiaries) for beneficiaries registered on the internet website.

6. Legal background of the data management is the voluntary approval of the Beneficiary on the basis of the Act on Personal Data Protection and Publicity of Data of Public Interests No. LXIII/1992 (further on referred to as Avtv.) Section 3 paragraph (1) and the purchase of public company data on the basis of the Act on Names and Address Data Management for Research and Direct Sales No. CXIX/1995.

7. By filling in and submitting the registration form, the Beneficiary acknowledges and approves the registration, storage and usage of the supplied data by HostLogic in its database in the way defined in this Data Management and Data Protection Code. The Beneficiary is properly informed concerning the conditions of the management of her/his personal data; she/he approves it voluntarily and definitely, and unambiguously agrees to management of his data.

8. Range of data managed:

Identification data: for private persons: last and first name, address, company name of work, position, phone number, e-mail address.

Data recorded for data management: buying behaviour (the other beneficiaries do not have access to these data).

9. HostLogic does not include any data management company.

10. Purpose of data management includes:

Providing the possibility to send the ordered service (e.g. newsletter) to the Beneficiaries.

Relationship management with persons booking for events organized by HostLogic as well as issuing invoices for persons booking for events organized by HostLogic.

Document and record communication and interactions between HostLogic and Beneficiaries.

The Data Manager does not use the personal data for purposes other than listed above. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties or will be disclosed after preliminary and informed approval of the users only. This does not apply for data disclosures obligatory by the law, if any.

11. Data management period

Until the Beneficiary unsubscribes in the way provided by HostLogic. Unsubscription occurs by a letter containing the intention to unsubscribe and to be sent to

12. Data security measures: personal data are stored on dedicated servers installed in the server room of HostLogic in the territory of Republic of Hungary and protected by round-the-clock supervision.

13. Modification of this Data Management Code: HostLogic reserves the right to modify this Data Management Code unilaterally, informing the Beneficiaries previously. By using the services after promulgation of the changes, the Beneficiary accepts the modified Data Management Code.

14. Beneficiaries’ rights concerning management of their personal data: Beneficiaries can request information on the management of their personal data. On request, HostLogic informs the Beneficiary on her/his managed data, on purpose of data management, on its legal background and duration. An information request should be sent by e-mail to, and the Beneficiary gets a response within 8 working days. Beneficiaries are entitled to request to delete their data as defined in section Data management duration.

15. Options for assertion of rights: the Beneficiary can exercise the options for assertion of her/his rights on the basis of Avtv. as well as the Act on Civil Code of Republic of Hungary No. IV/1959 (referred to as Ptk ) before a court, and can ask for help of the Ombudsman for Data Protection, too, (Ombudsman for Data Protection Dr. Jóri András, seat in 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 22., postal address: 1387 Budapest Pf. 40., For your further questions and remarks contact the staff of the operating company at