SAP, which now has an impressive history of more than 35 years, is the most popular business management software in the world.  Almost 15,000 dedicated developers work continuously on making your business operations more successful.

Who use SAP all around the world?

The success of SAP is the result of cutting edge business and information technologies behind which there is several years of outstanding professional experience and expertise. Due to the modular system of the software, its users are given extraordinary flexibility, so they can build their own system from those functions that are most relevant to their business. Moreover, they can expand and gradually develop their existing system any time after its implementation.

The advantages of the SAP software:

  • It is user friendly, anyone can learn it quickly, and it is easy to operate
  • Its design enables users to enter data without difficulty, and its control functions significantly decrease the occurrence of mistakes in data entry and the forwarding of incorrect data
  • It is incredibly fast and has a really short response time
  • The modules of finance, inventory management, production, sales and billing, contracting, and management information are completely connected, and work simultaneously from the same database
  • It can be customized to best fit the business activities of your company, specific setups can be made easily and quickly at the time of implementation
  • Its scaling can be increased and new functionalities may be added later

Real time data

Your IT system is a network that holds the operation of your whole company together. SAP saves all data generated by business activities to support subsequent business processes, and automatically posts all relevant information to connected operational functions (for example, it writes off the inventory parts used in production, or initiates production processes according to customer orders, etc.).

Industry-specific solutions

Techwave Hungary, with more than ten years of experience behind its back, has become a Gold Channel Partner of SAP, offering its own SAP-based business solutions and other services to various industries.
Learn about SAP solutions offered by Techwave Hungary!


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