SAP Business One

Techwave Hungary was the first to recognize the need of more and more small businesses to support their business processes with a reliable IT system that is similar to those used by large enterprizes, but obviously with a smaller scale and less complexity. SAP Business One is an ERP solution recommended to companies that plan to optimize their business processes in order to develop more quickly. Due to its modular design, SAP Business One is quick to implement, but at the same time it can be customized to individual needs.

SAP Business One is a Microsoft Windows application, with various configuration options. It is scalable, and can be simply connected to more developed systems with the help of open standards. The sophisticated analytical tools of the solution provide its users with full transparency in, and control over, corporate information, service items and activities.

The modules of SAP Business One include stock management, purchasing, customer service management, sales support, production planning and profitability calculation. This complex business management system takes care of not only financial management and accounting but also the integrated, real-time management of finances and materials.

Project Management Solution

Our company has developed a supplementary software package to the SAP Business One business management system specifically for those businesses, such as construction companies, which work on a project basis.

This package is a solution to those problems that derive from the discrepancies between project-based business activities and SAP’s process-based approach. The system does not differentiate between, let’s say, a construction, banking or IT project, so many of our clients, among whom we can find application developers, electronic product manufacturers, construction companies and system integrators, have already implemented this solution.

According to this new approach, most of the analyses are not done on the basis of books of accounts, so the system provides effective help in the preparation of financial analyses and preliminary cash-flows right from the start, that is, from the planning and commissioning stages of the project. Moreover, the system contains a master database, where the detailed administration of main and standard projects is done.

Planning and monitoring are made easier by classifying basic projects into cost groups: users can assign separate cost levels to each group, which enables the program to calculate arrears and profit throughout the whole course of the project, starting right from the commissioning phase. All of these functions are integrated as extra options into the existing process-based SAP services.


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