SAP Hybris E-Commerce Platform

SAP Hybris provides omni-channel customer engagement and commerce solutions that allow organizations to build up a contextual understanding of their customers in real-time, deliver a more impactful, relevant customer experience and sell more goods, services and digital content across every touch point, channel and device.

Through its state-of-the-art customer data management, context driven marketing tools and unified commerce processes, SAP Hybris has helped some of the world’s leading organizations including 3M, ASICS, Bridgestone, EE, Galeries Lafayette, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss & Co, Nestlé, Nespresso, Nikon, Rexel, Samsung Electronics, Ted Baker, Tommy Bahama and W.W. Grainger, to attract, retain, and grow a profitable customer base.

HostLogic is introducing SAP Hybris into the Hungarian and CEE market.

SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C

Today’s businesses face tremendous challenges to differentiate, adapt and meet ever changing customer behavior. They are social, connected, and well-informed. And they expect and demand nothing less than perfect experiences.

There are many ways for the end customers to interact with the retailers: Internet – online, phone/ mobile, tablet device and directly in the store. Customers expect to have a highly relevant and fast interaction at every touch-point: from shopping, to orders, to returns.


Lead your digital transformation by embracing and enabling omni-channel commerce. Enable your customers and prospects to interact, engage, and transact with you anywhere and anytime. Deliver great experiences that win loyal customers, nurture advocates, and drive growth.

The key to fruitful B2C commerce is that customers are able to find, get to know and purchase the products very easily. Profitability are assured by those systems which are easy to operate and unify the customer interactions regardless of the product, brand, geographical territory or commerce channel. SAP Hybris B2C Commerce offers the best of both.

  • Increase average order value with customized product selections, recommendations and promotions.
  • Deliver personalized and targeted content based on customer behavior and characteristics and advanced customer segmentation.
  • Use social commerce functionality to develop a dialog with customers, drive traffic and create up-sell opportunities.
  • Consolidates and centralizes the management of catalog data and product content such as attributes, prices, images,
  • videos, user-generated content, etc. on a single platform.
  • Improve usability and increase conversion rates through advanced search and navigation capabilities, an adjustable
  • merchandising mix, transparent product comparisons and dynamic landing pages.
  • Conduct commerce on all channels with a single commerce platform and deliver content seamlessly on all channels such as Web, mobile, social, call center and in-store.
  • Enable efficient omni-channel fulfillment through Buy Online Pick Up In Store, single view of inventory multi-warehouse shipping and returns management.
  • Allows retailers to run multiple online stores, mobile sites or customer service for different countries, segments and brands on a single platform.
  • Best-in-class scalability, flexibility and performance for high-volume, high-transaction environments.
  • Ensure “future proof” adaptability through flexibility and extensibility.

SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C provides retailers with the necessary tools and cappabilities to increase revenue and profitability in today’s complex and extremely competitive world.

hybris B2B Commerce Module

Today’s B2B organizations must integrate multiple business models – such as B2B, B2C and B2B2C – and a complex ecosystem encompassing a wide variety of trading partners, distributors, wholesalers and resellers.

hybris provides B2B organizations with a flexible and proven eCommerce solution that readily adapts to specific business requirements. The hybris B2B Commerce Module extends hybris’ eCommerce solution in three major areas:

B2B Account Management

  • Intutive tool for management of B2B accounts, user groups, users, cost centers and budgets
  • Roles and permissions management for assigning varying degrees of access rights to accounts based on the user’s role (employee, order approver, manager, administrator, etc.)
  • Product, price and catalog management via hybris platform
  • Sales report functionality: total sales, sales value by cost center, and sales for budget against limit for budget, broken down by budget.


B2B Customer Self-Service and Administration

  • Organization management and maintenance
  • Rights management
  • Management of cost centers and budgets in the store front-end
  • Business activity reports

External Systems Integration

  • Invoicing (data feeds for ERP)
  • Price management (from ERPs)
  • OCI ERP integration enables B2B customers to access the hybris online store from their ERP system


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Owerview of the functional modules of hybris Platform

1. Web Content Management Module (WCMS)

The hybris Web Content Management module is a marketing and publishing tool that offers Web content management capabilities that are fully integrated with product content management (PCM) and omni-channel commerce functions.

Feature Overview:

  • User-friendly Web Content Management Cockpit
  • Omni-channel support
  • Page templates to easily create sites for all channels
  • Fully responsive storefront components
  • Live edit functionality to edit content while browsing the site
  • Ability to place and reuse marketing campaigns
  • Ability to publish landing pages for promotions, categories,and products
  • Publishing workfl ow management
  • A/B testing for pages and/or components
  • Separation of content and layout
  • Linking of editorial content and products
  • Enhanced preview functionality with ability to simulate accessconditions (e.g. date, time of day, etc.)
  • Pre-defined preview context for various desktop andmobile devices
  • WYSIWYG editor for direct administration of content in previewmode
  • Formatting options for content (text, paragraph, positioning,and much more)
  • Management of complex formats like images, text, HTML,video, etc.
  • Role-based access to content elements for groups and singlepersons
  • Multi- and micro-site support
  • Classic tree navigation for easier site administration and quickbrowsing through sites and catalogs
  • Ready to use components built with state of the arttechnologies, like Bootstrap, Less, JQuery, OWL Caorousel,etc.


For more detailed information read the datasheet.

2. hybris Order Management

Today’s retail world is an omni-channel environment. This means much more than simply enabling customers to browse your offerings on their mobile devices. It means integrating the entire shopping experience – along with all the back-end processes that support it – regardless of which channel is being used at any point during the experience. But to do this, you need fully integrated order management and fulfillment tools that are designed to meet customers’ expectations
and make modern omni-channel fulfillment options – like buy online and pick up in store and cross-channel stocklevel
display – a reality. Hybris Order Management provides just like that.

Key benefits:

  • Enable customers to buy from anywhere, pick up from anywhere and return anywhere
  • Capture lost sales by offering endless aisles
  • Reduce online cart abandonment by sourcing out-of-stock products from store inventory
  • Reduce overhead stock levels and optimize prices, and selection
  • Reduce store markdowns by routing online orders to stores with slow item turnover or excessive inventory risk
  • Sophisticated fraud checking functionality

3. Advanced Personalization Module

The hybris Advanced Personalization Module drives online revenue by providing your customers with exactly the right products at the right time. It uses behavioral targeting to determine a customer’s online history and behavior and displays targeted content and product recommendations.

The hybris Advanced Personalization Module allows you to collect customer information from various sources, compare it to adaptable targeting rules and provide you customers with a personalized shopping experience.


4. Hybris Marketing

The hybris Marketing suite enables organizations to gain real-time Insight into customer intent, to deliver contextually engaging Experiences, and to market with speed and Agility.


To successfully engage with today’s customers you need more than just the view of a customer’s past interaction information. You need ‘in-the-moment’ customer insights to truly understand their motivations and plans. The hybris Marketing suite allows marketers to blends both explicit and implicit customer behavior information to determine each customer’s actualintent. With these real-time insights, marketers can target proactively and deliver individualized experiences that will help increase conversions and profits for your business.

hybris Marketing provides the following advanced analytical capabilities:

  • hybris Marketing Data Management
  • hybris Marketing Segmentation
  • hybris Marketing Recommendations


Successful customer engagement should be proactive, tapping into the emotional drivers behind the buying process and delivering contextually relevant customer experiences. The hybris Marketing suite provides the ‘in-the-moment’ context of every customer so that you can deliver the best offers and messages that will delight your customers.

Deliver delightful customer experiences with these hybris Marketing products:

  • hybris Marketing Conversion
  • hybris Marketing Acquisition
  • hybris Marketing Retention


In today’s dynamic market environment, your organization needs to react quickly to capitalize on opportunities before they disappear. The hybris Marketing suite helps you identify opportunities, make real-time budget adjustments, manage the marketing calendar, and align your resources. Optimize your marketing with increased visibility into marketing plans, processes and outcomes, and collaboration better across the entire organization.

React with speed and agility with these hybris Marketing products:

  • hybris Marketing Planning
  • hybris Marketing Orchestration
  • hybris Marketing Insights


The expected benefits of the implementation of hybris Platform are summarised below.

Hybris Benefits

hybris Platform brings the future into the present also in the Hungarian and CEE market. While customers are benefiting from contextually engaging experiences, the evolution of e-commerce solutions and optimized service processes foster e-commerce market consolidation. Companies investing into omni-channel solutions now will have a competitive advantage over those who defer such developments.


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