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As Hungary’s first, and the world’s fourteenth SAP partner, our company has successfully proved that we can apply even the most groundbreaking technologies quickly and effectively. At a recent special review the Hungarian company presented its own SAP HANA services developments and abilities. The resulting award of the title of “Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations Services” is related to a software product that makes it possible to develop and use unprecedentedly fast and effective business applications on the basis of in-memory database management, even in the case of big data.

“Information technology is known for its high speed of development in need of continuous innovation and learning, in which we providers must and can be at the forefront. We are really proud of our new award, which shows that we are the equals of global providers in the quick application of the latest innovations. This gives our clients safety and development options, and means recognition for our company” – corporate board member Zoltán Görbics commented on Techwave Hungary’s receiving the title of “Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations Services.”

Techwave Hungary SAP HANA services

HANA Hosting & Cloud Services

  • HANA Hosting & Operation services
  • Techwave Hungary Cloud powered by HANA
  • HANA virtualization services

HANA Application Developments & Maintenance

  • BI on HANA applications
  • HANA solutions on ERP/CRM/Suite-Apps base
  • Independent Native HANA Applications
  • Combined Suite-BI-Portal apps on HANA platform

HANA Upgrade and Migration services

  • ERP/CRM/BI Upgrade services for HANA enablement
  • ERP/CRM/BW Migration services for HANA

HANA Strategy and assessment consulting

  • Create HANA strategy for Client IT environment
  • Assess current IT portfolio for HANA enablement
  • Planning and execute Action Plan on Client strategies

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database.
An in-memory database means all the data is stored in the memory (RAM). This is no time wasted in loading the data from hard-disk to RAM or while processing keeping some data in RAM and temporary some data on disk. Everything is in-memory all the time, which gives the CPUs quick access to data for processing.

The speed advantages offered by this RAM storage system are further accelerated by the use of multi-core CPUs, and multiple CPUs per board, and multiple boards per server appliance.

Complex calculations on data are not carried out in the application layer, but are moved to the database.

SAP HANA is equipped with multiengine query processing environment which supports relational as well as graphical and text data within same system. It provides features that support significant processing speed, handle huge data sizes and text mining capabilities.

Conclusion - SAP HANA Database:

  • It is a combination of hardware and software made to process massive real time data using in-memory computing.
  • It combines row-based, column-based database technology.
  • Data now resides in main-memory (RAM) and no longer on a hard disk.
  • It’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications.

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Architecture

With the help of technology like SLT replication, data can be moved to HANA in real time. It is also possible to copy data from SAP BW or other database into SAP HANA. In HANA, we can use modeling tool called HANA Studio to build the logic and structures and use tools e.g. SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Visual Intelligence to visualize or analyze data.

Top 10 Reasons for SAP HANA

SAP HANA is one of the fastest growing products in SAP’s history and is viewed by the industry as a break through solution for in-memory databases. SAP HANA claims that it accelerates analytics and applications on a single, in-memory platform as well as combining databases, data processing, and application platform capabilities.

SAP HANA is a next-generation business platform which brings together

  • Business transactions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Social media
  • Mobile experience
  • Collaborative business
  • Design connections

Top 10 Reasons for SAP HANA

You may be thinking, “So what?” or “How does this help my business?” or “How can SAP HANA help my company make more money?” In this article, we look at what we consider to be the top 10 reasons why customers should choose SAP HANA.

1. Speed

„The speed SAP HANA enables is sudden and significant, and has the potential to transform entire business models.”

SAP HANA provides a foundation on which to build a new generation of applications, enabling customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source, in real time.

SAP HANA manages massive data volume at high speeds. It delivers the “real” real-time enterprise through the most advanced in-memory technology.

HanasbessegenA live analysis by a consumer products company reveals how SAP HANA analyzes current point-of-sale data in real time—empowering this organization to review segmentation, merchandising, inventory management, and forecasting information at the speed of thought.


2. Real Time

SAP HANA delivers the “real” real-time enterprise through the most advanced in-memory technology.

Pull up-to-the-minute data from multiple sources. Evaluate options to balance financial, operational, and strategic goals based on today’s business .

3. Any Data

SAP HANA helps you to gain insights from structured and unstructured data.


SAP HANA integrates structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, and can work on detailed data without aggregations.

4. Any Source

SAP HANA provides multiple ways to load your data from existing data sources into SAP HANA.

SAP HANA can be integrated into a wide range of enterprise environments, allowing it to handle data from Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.

5. Insight - Unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis

Before SAP HANA, analytics meant:

  • Preconfigured dashboards based on fixed business requirements.
  • Long wait times to produce custom reports..
  • Reactive views and an inability to define future expectations.

With SAP HANA, you can:


Quickly and easily create ad-hoc views without needing to know the data or query type – allowing you to formulate your actions based on deep insights .


Receive quick reactions to newly articulated queries so you can innovate new processes and business models to outpace the competition.


Enable state-of-the-art, interactive analyses such as simulations and pattern recognition to create measurable, targeted actions.

6. Innovation - The ultimate platform for business innovation

SAP HANA is an early innovator for in-memory computing. Its configurability, easy integration, and revolutionary capabilities make it flexible enough for virtually anything your business requires.

Some examples of this include:
Energy Management

Utility companies use SAP HANA to process and analyze vast amounts of data generated by smart meter technology, improving customers’ energy efficiency, and driving sustainability initiatives.

Real-time Transit Routing

SAP HANA is helping research firms calculate optimal driving routes using real-time GPS data transmitted from thousands of taxis.
Software Piracy Detection and Prevention

Tech companies use SAP HANA to analyze large volumes of complex data to gain business insights into software piracy, develop preventive strategies, and recover revenue.

7. Simplicity - Fewer layers, simpler landscape, lower cost

Reduce or eliminate eliminate the data aggregation, indexing, mapping and exchange-transfer-load (ETL) needed in complex data warehouses and marts.
Incorporate prepackaged business logic, in-memory calculations and optimization for multicore 64-bit processors.
Spend less on real-time computing.

8. Cloud

Step up to one of the most efficient business application Cloud environment of the CE-Europe region.
SAP HANA powers Techwave Hungary’s innovated enterprise and mid-market clouds, which already serve several hundreds of SAP systems and more HANA clients.


A single-location stack removes latency – enabling real-time collaboration, processing, and planning.


A highly robust cloud service allows quick deployment of current and next generation applications, scaled to your business needs.


We secure your data through the entire cloud solution with independently audited standards of data security and governance.

9. Cost

SAP HANA reduces total IT cost of business applications running on HANA, so you can increase spending on innovation of concepts and content specifications.

10. Risk mitigation

Thanks to Techwave Hungary’s IT investments and special SAP partner relations, we can partly or wholly predict the technological and business risks inherent in implementing a new technology in the following areas:

  • learning the new technology,
  • adapting it to market needs and demands,
  • provisional loading of business content.

Our long-term strategy focuses on quickly understanding, evaluating, adapting and implementing all the latest developments offered by software and hardware manufacturers.

This technological and business goal serves the purpose of minimizing our clients’ risks and promoting the spreading of groundbreaking developments in IT.


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