We make our clients more successful by disclosing low efficiency areas in their businesses and provide new alternatives that can be turned into true, tangible competitive edges through our versatile SMART Solutions.

Our comprehensive project experience expands to every component of the SAP mySAP product group. Thanks to this experience Techwave Hungary has developed the SAP R/3 based SMART software packages for those small and medium sized enterprises who want to build a complex IT system similar to large companies. It is our philosophy and primary goal to make our Clients’ course of business more efficient in every area, independently of size.

Through Techwave Hungary’s SMART Solutions we are providing our Clients with such a tool that will optimize the operation of their whole company, their infrastructure and resources, and may extend the best practice to the whole value chain.

Our SMART Solutions contain the following packages:

SAP Solutions

SMART packages bring IT and business solutions to different functional areas. We have used only the highest available Enterprise technology in our SMART Solutions, and so we secure the most effective operation of your company.

What are the benefits of Techwave Hungary’s SMART Solutions?

  • Optimized course of business
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Easily adaptable
  • Easy to synchronize with other systems
  • Help in cooperating with partners, clients and vendors
  • Easy to introduce
  • Simple to use
  • No special IT team is needed to operate
  • Flexible financing alternatives

SMART solutions are fully scalable according to individual needs; new users and functionalities can be added as the business is growing.

Our SMART packages have been developed on the basis of the specific practices of each industry.


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