Competence Center Advisory

Companies must formulate more and more complex and sophisticated IT environments in order to enable their business processes to develop according to strategic expectancies and bring market successes. Today the need to operate and develop various technological and software elements the management of which requires special knowledge and competences is not exclusive to large enterprizes.

If a company does not have an organizational and operational model for Competence Centers, and if the applied processes and material environment (hardware, software, applications) are not in accordance with each other, the business successes of the company are at risk.

Our SAP Competence Center Advisory service, together with our experience, will enable you to meet the requirements and perform at the highest level possible. We help you design, form and develop your company’s Competence Center, and if it is necessary, we provide regular feedback from which you will see whether your business is going according to the model you have planned.

We recommend this service to all of those companies that

  • have now reached at a certain point in their development when it is inevitable to form an up-to-date Competence Center;
  • already have an SAP Competence Center, but they are not satisfied with its efficiency;
  • would like to know how the development of their company affects the operation of the Competence Center.

Deployment governance

Deployment governance

If a company’s excellent strategy and its IT work in harmony, it can leave its existing organizational framework behind and step on a new path of development. Can the IT infrastructure of a company adapt to the changes as quickly as the management makes decisions about, for example, buying out a company, or expanding to a foreign country? Very rarely. Why is that so? It is because in the majority of the cases the corporation’s development strategy is not integral to the philosophy behind application systems. So when a decision is made, the IT department has to face serious challenges before it is able to adapt to the decisions made by managers.
With our services we can help you design – right from the start of the formulation of your application systems – a model which makes it possible for you to deploy these systems in other companies and units with the smallest possible effort, the greatest speed and utmost flexibility. Carrying out the expansion, or roll-out, is not a typical task, since it requires the greatest efficiency in a context where different corporate cultures clash. However, the expertise of our professional staff and project managers will help these roll-outs to success.

Our roll-out program management services are recommended to all of those companies that

  • are currently in the process of formulating their application system, while their business strategy suggests dynamic development in the future;
  • have just decided about the incorporation of new organizations into their existing systems;
  • are planning to deploy their application systems in internal or external company units.

Technology Research and Development

Technology Research and Development

In the current world of IT no company can rest assured that it is capable of following changes on its own, or analyze and evaluate all the possible outcomes and positive economic effects of these changes.

The same applies to the market of business applications. If we take into consideration not only development but also the mutual effects of individual software markets on each other, and the possibilities of cross-appplications, even greater prospects come into view – for example, with the combination of Internet and business application technologies.

We think the solution lies in the cooperation of a corporation’s IT management with an IT specialist company, who together can map the possibilities of applying such developments to business processes. It is a long and expensive way before the practical applicabilities and contents of new technologies can be presented to companies, and they may not be applied to different industries or market segments in the same way or efficiency – not even within the same group.

Since its foundation, Techwave Hungary has had a leading role in the research of such business applications, and in the design, development and testing of software contents adapted to various industrial needs or specific business situations.

We make our innovation capacities available to other companies and partners in the framework of experimental projects and development programs, which help companies in finding and trying those technologies and solutions that best support them in the achievement of their strategic aims.

In the course of these experimental programs, the whole product portfolio of SAP AG, together with all the elements of the Netweaver application platform and all the components of the mySAP Business Suite and Business Object software packages may be examined and applied.

If necessary, all of the above components may be combined and integrated with special technologies that have already proved their efficiency, for example, in Internet-based information processing, and which thus may constitute advantages to a particular company in their business applications, as well.

System and Authorization Audit

System and Authorization Audit

Would you like to be assured that the data derived from your IT system is 100% accurate, real and reliable?

Very often we hear the complaints from leaders whose company uses an SAP R/3 system that the accuracy and reliability of their system is questionable. It may be useful to know whether there are real problems behind these complaints, or in fact the fear of these managers is unfounded.

Our SAP system and authorization audit service may give a satisfactory answer to the question above.

If you apply for this service, we will do a full-scale audit of your SAP system according to the following criteria:

  • the design and structure of the application,
  • the technological background of the system,
  • the level of user training,
  • the authenticity of the access rights system,
  • the system operation safety.

We pay special attention to problematic areas, and if it is necessary, we not only call the client’s attention to the possible anomalies but also propose solutions to amend the problems. In case the client requires, we actually solve the problems identified.

IT Funding and Financing Advisory

IT Funding and Financing Advisory

It is important to Techwave Hungary to enable its clients to afford its solutions and services in the easiest way possible by offering optimal financing arrangements to them.

Therefore, we have financial specialists who work out possible options of financing the solutions and services offered by Techwave Hungary, as well as provide financial advice to our clients.

If you need more detailed information on our financing options, visit our page on Financing.

Our financial advisory service is free of charge.

IT Strategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

More and more IT specialists share the opinion that in this accelerated IT world of ours there is no use building IT strategies, since technologies become outdated so quickly that it makes it pointless to think in terms of IT strategy. As opposed to this, corporate managements still follow business strategies, even in this accelerated world, and they want to build an organization and a working model that can actually handle the quick changes of the market. Do you think this discrepancy can ever be solved?
We say YES!

If you opt for our IT strategy consulting service, we can help you develop a systemic technological, software and application strategy that will serve as a beacon for your IT specialists to navigate on the capricious sea of information technology for even 3-5 years with minimal changes. We continue to follow the main development trends in IT, and within the framework of our consulting service, we will give you support in designing the most effective IT strategy for your company.

If you are the CIO of a dynamically developing company, or work in an environment where it is a cause of concern that IT solutions become quickly outdated, while their costs are ever increasing, then our IT strategy consulting service is just for you.


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