Unique solution from HostLogic for the food sector

There are many areas in the food industry where bulk purchasing, storage and handling of materials is needed. SAP systems did not offer solutions to this problem, but HostLogic Kft. does.

Regardless whether grain, milk or any other material is purchased in bulk, quality and quantity are hard to define for specific deliveries. Deliveries are often made on the basis of a general contract, without a specific order, but the merchandise needs to be monitored in such a way that can be interpreted by the SAP system. The system monitors the shipment from the time of its delivery and registration to storage. The process includes real time quick samples, and subsequent quality samples and evaluations for quality control purposes. A „bonus-malus” system can be coupled to the system, where three separate quality assessments can be taken into consideration in determining price. Documentation is prepared in the second stage in order to facilitate subsequent administration. Apart from standard SAP documents, a number of own documents can also be prepared in both printed and digital form. The full solution is deeply integrated into the SAP system without compromise. It can also be quickly tailored to the specific business processes of individual clients.

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