HostLogic’s services from international perspective – BBJ interview

In Hungary there are a lot of good developers, education is good, and, as the example of HostLogic shows, a company founded in Hungary can also be awarded with the worldwide SAP-qualification, since it can meet international standards.

How would you describe your products and services?

What does the software you are developing do?
HostLogic is a business IT company. We offer all kinds of business support for SAP technology. Our services range from classical enterprise resource planning (ERP) through business analytics activities (reporting, planning, business simulation) and customer relationship management (CRM) to IT systems customized for special business processes. We can deliver all these applications with the newest technologies. Lately it has been our key objective to increase the use of mobile solutions.

There are two fundamental features characterizing HostLogic that enable it to deliver these business services. Firstly, it can provide the business services listed above in many versions for all possible contexts, extending from a completely in-house model to a cloud-based service of IT operation. Secondly, HostLogic can offer its applications within the framework of HANA, SAP’s unique and revolutionary development, a technological solution based on so-called “in-memory computing,” which makes business applications exceptionally effective and gives them unprecedented performativity. HANA is a mixture of improving hardware speed and radically new software data management. SAP has long been a market leader in business applications, and now these products also work at an extraordinary speed.

If you offer ERP services, do you attempt to provide all the software a company needs? Can you provide a customized solution for everything?

Since HostLogic works with SAP technology, we can cover the full range of enterprise resource planning, which now includes not only the classical tripartite structure of finance, logistics, and production, but, according to the latest conception of ERP, the SAP support of full business collaboration, as well. Our company can provide a unique service of scaled SAP software solutions for both small and medium enterprises as well as companies, regardless of whether they are local or multinational businesses.

In the past fifteen years, HostLogic has made it its priority to provide tailor-made solutions for each industry which cater for the specific needs and productive processes of the industry in question. As a result, HostLogic now has more than fifteen industry-specific solutions and develops customized solutions as well.

Has your company made any innovations of which you are particularly proud?

In the past few months we have developed several HANA-based applications for local and international companies that we are particularly proud of, since they are pioneering solutions even on a global scale. One of these products is a business intelligence solution based on HANA (in-memory computing), developed for the biggest multinational producer of energy appliances. The solution is unique not only in its extraordinary speed but also in that it retrieves data from a large number of heterogeneous business systems that work with different code sets, and turns these data into unified logistics performance indexes for each EMEA companies within the whole business group, while it also presents them with the help of a set of cutting-edge visualization tools.

Apart from that, we are also very proud of our solutions developed for the various industries, especially our solutions for cheese and dairy producers, which have even attracted the attention of a US cheese firm, similarly to our solution developed for mechanical engineering and processing companies.

Who are your major clients?

HostLogic offers services in various segments. As such, the customers of our small business solutions are predominantly Hungarian small and medium enterprises looking for generic software.

Our medium business solutions are commonly provided for companies that would like to control their increasingly complicated business processes, or plan to improve their business volume by involving new customers, new markets, or new products.

Most of our big company clients typically use a previously implemented SAP system, and they look for ways to utilize its potentials more effectively. They also wish to develop their business performance by way of increasing the efficiency of their SAP.

At the same time, we have a number of big company clients that want to have customized software developed for themselves, since they struggle with problems related to processing capacity. For them HANA is the perfect solution.

Are your customers spread around the world, or does your business depend on contacts with locals? How important is it that you meet with your clients face-to-face?

Our small business clients are typically Hungarian; a number of our medium enterprise clients are based in Hungary but carry out business in the CEE region, and some of them subsidiaries of multinational companies. In the large company sector we have several clients who involve us in international projects overarching a number of countries.

The hosting and cloud services of HostLogic are provided in thirteen countries.

As a rule, HostLogic makes long-term contracts with its clients, both for services of SAP implementation according to HostLogic’s project methodology, and for various outsourcing solutions. These processes must entail daily contact with the client, since they involve not only IT support but the support of business processes. We build a relationship of trust with our clients, so face-to-face meetings are vital for both parties.

How much consultation is required with your customers?

As has been pointed out, HostLogic offers a variety of solutions. Some of our products are generic, install-and-use type of software, while a number of our solutions made for medium enterprises are specifically developed for certain industries. These can be tailor-made to the business in question in a very specific way, but if that’s the case, we naturally need more consultations with the client before implementation. We have a proven project methodology for both cases. In our experience, the potential clients who contact us with the purpose of gathering information about SAP have already followed a conscious business plan and have clear-cut ideas as to how to develop their business in the future.

Why is Hungary a good environment for software developers?

In Hungary there are a lot of good developers, education is good, and, as the example of HostLogic shows, a company founded in Hungary can also be awarded with the worldwide SAP-qualification, since it can meet international standards. We have very motivated IT professionals in Hungary who have the same qualifications as their western colleagues, but at the same time Hungarian prices are cheaper than their Western European counterparts, so our services are more competitive.

The Hungarian market also remains competitive in comparison with services with offshore prices, since Hungarian developers are much more productive.

Why should customers choose you?

Because we can provide a solution for each and every business process, and instead of an IT approach we follow a business approach. This also contributes to making our clients not only satisfied but successful and able to achieve their goals. We have seen our clients not only fulfill their business objectives but very often exceed them. Of course, it is always the companies that should be credited for such achievements, but we would like to think that our services have played a part in their success. We provide SAP guarantee with our solutions, and we also offer a number of various operation models. Our prices are competitive, we can relate to the needs of the different industries, have very good references, and possess HANA, the technology of the future. HostLogic has the perfect size of a company that has stabilized its position both in terms of experience and capital, but remains small enough to avoid inducing a sense of loss and insignificance in its customers. Our clients and their satisfaction are our priority, so we give them all the attention they need and deserve.

BBJ interview – Sept 2014

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